Screen Printing

Screen printing is the choice of most designers,

it produces high quality consistently

Salamander Screen Printing - Screen Printing
Salamander Screen Printing - Screen Printing

Screen printed garments wash well and are more durable than transfer or direct to garment printing.


We use a TAS 8 colour automatic machine and a six colour hand bench. Screens can be up to 420mm wide by 550mm long in size so large prints can be produced at no extra cost.


Our minimum order for screen printing is ten units with the maximum number of colours that can be printed being six.


The process of screen printing requires computer generated artwork to be reproduced onto film and then be exposed on to silk screens. Inks are then squeezed through the screen one by one to produce the final design.


The number of screens required is determined by the number of colours in your design. One screen is required for each design and a different screen for each colour. An additional screen may also be required when printing on very dark fabrics.


Screen printing is less economical if produced in small quantities due to the set up of the screens. We produce a separate screen for each colour and the colours are applied separately. Screens are kept for 12 months and this charge is normally a one-off so if you wanted to use the design again in the future, you won’t be charged again.